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Re: Fuel for another debate

Christopher Zguris writes:

> I think I understand what you're saying, but could you clarify something for
> me? The T. rex attacks a Triceratops -- or something larger, maybe? -- and
> takes a large bite thus causing a large wound. Now, the T. rex must face an
> angry, wounded, Tric. using only his small arms?

It's my understanding that when you've had a significant chunk taken
out of you, you tend to be somewhat incapacitated.  :-)

The size and power of a T. rex jaw suggests that it might be capable of
whacking out a piece nearly the size of a human.  It might be roughly
equivalent to your having a piece the size of a squirrel bitten out in
one snap.  If something as big as I am suddenly slammed into me and bit
a squirrel-sized chunk out of my back or side, possibly bowling me over
in the process, I might not be very formidable in reply.

Also, the T. rex is likely to have backed off as quickly as it struck,
thus moving out of range for an immediate riposte.