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John Rafert, <JRAFERT@xray.indyrad.iupui.edu> wrote:
> I heard some discussion of T-Rex short arms being used as a means to hold on 
> during mating. According to Horner, the arms were short but strong, able to 
> lift 400 lbs.

Just wondering: 400 lbs (180 kgf) seems pretty strong from our perspective
as < 0.1 tonne animals, but it's not a heck of a lot for a 4-tonne T.rex
trying to grab, hang onto or pin down a 2-tonne prospective prey, nor does
it seem like sufficient force for a male T.rex to position / restrain an
equal or larger female during mating, unless only used `symbolically' to
nudge the female into moving or holding still under her own power (Mmmm,
I love it when you rake me with your elephant-hooks dear! :-)
And it's not going to help much in terms of push-ups or chin-ups when
getting up after a sleep, or when springing into an ambush-style attack.

Maybe we have to think of uses for the arms & claws that are independent
of the masses of the participants, like ripping a prey animal's tough hide
to expose the meat, after it is dead or immobile.

Mike Bonham        bonham@jade.ab.ca      Jade Simulations International