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_T._rex_ Red Blood Cells

To John Rafert, et. al.,

I have not seen a recent article on the _T._rex_ red blood cells,
but there was bandwidth devoted to the subject roughly nine months
ago. I don't have my copy of the information with me now, but I
could try to locate and forward it across the dino list if you
would like me to do so.

The announcement of the discovery of this *organic* material in
the _T._rex_ femur came out from the National Science Foundation
early last summer, cleverly timed to coincide with the opening of
_Jurassic_Park_. The person working on the project is Mary
Schweitzer, a PhD candidate working under Jack Horner at the
Museum of the Rockies. When Mary spoke at Cranbrook Institute of
Science (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) in September 1993 and when
she spoke at Dino Fest (Indianapolis, Indiana) last March, she was
very careful to *not* call her findings "red blood cells." She was
in the process of doing everything she could to prove the reddish,
nucleated, spherical-shaped objects were not red blood cells. At
the time, every biochemical, etc. test was indicating that the
objects *could* be blood cells.

I hope this helps.

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