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Many critters have necleated r.b.c.'s

Dick <binder@zk3.dec.com> wrote:

> Douglas Goudie writes:
> > She was
> > in the process of doing everything she could to prove the reddish,
> > nucleated, spherical-shaped objects were not red blood cells.
> I don't understand.  What proof would be necessary?  Red blood cells
> are NOT nucleated; if she found nuclei, what she found could not have
> been red blood cells.

If I remember right (and I do try and teach Zoology) a lot of critters
have nucleated red blood cells.  I know birds and amphibians do and I
suspect reptiles do to (although I did not check).  There are some
differences in non mammalian physiology.  Although I think I recall that
birds DNA in their nucleus is largely shut down, so it may not be that
different physiologically than a non nucleated mammalian r.b.c. (but now
you are treading on my foggy memory).

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