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Re: T.rex cover

On Fri, 10 Jun 1994, Scott wrote:

{T. rex / tree camouflage discussion deleted}

> I think that the literally ground-shaking approach of the rex in "Jurassic
> Park" is pure Hollywood drama. I suspect that a rex could move surprisingly
> silently if it wanted to. It would certainly not bellow its presence like in
> the movie until after it had made a kill. Otherwise every potential meal
> within miles would already be on the run.

I beg to differ. At the time T. rex attack scene in Jurassic Park had already
made a kill and managed to do it silently enough (footfalls notwithstanding). 
I don't recall her bellowing before the tethered goat met its grisly end...

The confrontation with Grant and company was out of her normal territory,
since she had never been free of her paddock before. The vehicles and
their occupants were an unknown quantity as an adversary. I would bellow
first, too!

..Dino-Dave "JP defender to the end" Jones

P.S. Yes, I'm a sucker for Hollywood drama...

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