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Re: T.rex

Scott Horton writes:
 > In the book, which is more realistic, I remember her bellowing once to try
 > to frighten one of the people into running. This was because her vision
 > wouldn't register stationary prey, which seems very unlikely, or all her
 > potential prey could just keep on munching away on trees when a rex went
 > by!

Well, as I understand it, in the book this visual oddity was
a side-effect of them using frog DNA to patch the holes in the
recovered DNA. (Bleah - what a stupid choice - crocs would have
been a much better choice).

 > The second time the rex bellowed was to challenge the junior rex when
 > it had tried to claim her kill.
 > Like a lion, I suspect that a rex would bellow only in these circumstances:
 >  1. to frighten off rivals (from a kill or its territory)
 >  2. to attract a mate(?)
 >  3. when it stubbed its toe or got stuck by a Triceratop's horn   :)
 > To bellow at potential prey seems unproductive unless it thinks it can
 > frighten its prey to death.

This, however, I will agree with.  (#2 is even quite likely,
though it would likely be a different sound than #1).

Note, an animal confronted with something unusual can get confused
about categories - I know of animals that tend to react to humans
as potential rivals (i.e. as if we were other males of their species).

Still, Holywood would tend to want lots of impressive noises,
which means lots of belowing.

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