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T. Rex Arm/Finger Articulation

I am reading the section in Horner's _The Complete T. Rex_ (paperback
edition) on the arms and am intrigued by the articulation of the arms
and the fingers, especially as depicted in the photographs on pp 114-115.
The "hands" have a kind of "palm-up" appearance. (If you compare
Gregory Paul's illustration of T. Rex on the cover of The Dinosaur
Society's recent Dinosaur Encyclopedia, you'll note that Mr. Paul has
also drawn the hands in a palm-up position, which is a departure from
the version of the same drawing in his _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_
on page 301. Mr. Paul, more than most other dinosaur illustrators,
conscientiously revises his illustrations as new evidence about dinosaurs

If the palm-up position is the preferred position (as opposed to the more
familiar palm-down, curled position), is this articulation restricted to
T. Rex or is it likely the position of other tyrannosaurs, allosaurs,

(If this question has already been addressed in the previous messages
re: T. Rex's arms, I apologize for bringing it up again.)

----- Amado Narvaez