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Dinosaur Misconceptions

I am working with elementary teachers who are not always pro science.  In
many cases they wish the subject would drop off the edge of the report card.
 They do agree that teaching about the seasons, rocks, and insects is
generally OK.  Another topic that makes their list are dinosaurs.  It is my
experience that many if not all carry around misconceptions about the
subject.  This in turn is passed on to the students.  Does anyone have a
list, reference, or any information as to common misconceptions the general
public has on the topic.  Or in your professional experience what would make
your top 10 list?  I gave a picture of a dinosaur to a group of children
recently which was taken from a coloring book. There were errors in the
picture to be sure.  A child asked if it was male or female?  Another child
responded by saying, "It's a male because to has a mean look on it's face".

Thanks for any help. 

David Larwa