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Re: T.rex's small arms

  Okay. I've formulated a theory as to why T.rex's forearms are so small.
Unfortunately, I have no resources to test it out. So I invite criticism.
  T.rex (and presumably other theropods) are most manueverable when they are
properly balanced at the hips. That is, the hip is a balance point, the weight
of the tail to the rear of the hip joint should balance the weight of the head,
arms, and belly, to the fore of the hip joint (see what's coming?). Therefore,
smaller, lighter forearms mean that the weight savings can be transferred into
bigger, more powerful jaws (without increasing the size of the tail). Since the
forelimbs were not critical for attack anyhow (my supposition), the overall
result is a more efficient killing machine for the same body weight.

Scott Horton
Geophysicist/Computer Programmer