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Re: Dinosaur Misconceptions

> Another topic that makes their list are dinosaurs.  It is my
> experience that many if not all carry around misconceptions about the
> subject.  This in turn is passed on to the students.  Does anyone have a
> list, reference, or any information as to common misconceptions the general
> public has on the topic.  Or in your professional experience what would make
> your top 10 list?

Here are a few of mine from teaching and docenting in our dino hall:

1) dinos lived with cavemen.
2) dinos where slow and lived in the water.
3) Dimetrodon, pterodacyls, mosasaurs where dinosaurs.
4) All two legged dinosaurs are a)raptors b) T. rex.
5) Almost complete skeletons are never found.
6) It is a %100 sure fact that dinos died from an impact. (author dons
   flame-proof suit!!!)
7) Apatosaur/brontosaur
8) All dinosaurs lived at the same time.

This is just what I can think of off my head...

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