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RE: Top 5 Books on Dinosaurs

From: dinosaur
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: Top 5 Books on Dinosaurs
Date: Monday, June 13, 1994 3:23AM

I am really enjoying reading all the posting concerns dinosaurs and related
topics. I would particularly like to read up more for myself hence the
following question.

Which top five books would you recommend for some one to read in order to
gain a basic understanding about dinosaurs and current thinking on their
habits and habitat?

I'm already looking forward to replies to this posting.

1. Dinosaurs: a Global View by Czerkas
2. A Journey in Time: Russell
3. Dinosaur, the A&E television show companion book,: Norman
4. Dinosaurs Past and Present, Vol. I and II: edited by Czerkas
5. The dinosauria: Dodson, et al. Tremendous book but it isn't easy if you 
amateur, like me
5.a The Ultimate Dinosaur seems pretty good, and up to date
I left out quite a few that I have in my collection. Most quality book 
stores may carry these titles. Do you have a Borders books in your area? I 
could spend a ton there.