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Jurassic Park

   All the chat on JP has been very entertaining, I've enjoyed it alot.
In a TV show about JP ( long time ago, can't remember the name ) 
they were talking about how Speilberg had financed palaeotologists to 
investigate how dinosaurs moved around and to create animations 
with the help of some high tec computer wizardry.  
  They started by creating 3-D skeletal reconstructions on the 
computer to work out how the bones articulated together and then 
fleshing these out for the film.  I also saw a similar thing done by 
David Norman showing how Iguanodon should correctly be 
reconstructed in a quadrapedal pose, instead of obligatory bipedal.  I 
think that show was called Dinosaurs (once again memory fade with 
the passing of time :-)
   Does anyone no if any more work like this has been done and if the 
palaeotologists involved ever published?
   Eagerly awaiting answers,   

Gabhan Pettigrew,      Last night in the museum's hall
Sgl3GP@Cardiff.ac.UK   The fossils gathered for a ball
Cardiff University.    There were no drums or saxophones
CHEERS                 But just the clatter of their bones
                       A rolling, rattling carefree circus
                       Of mamuth polkas and mazurkas
                       Pterodactyls and brontosauruses
                       Sang ghostly prehistoric choruses
                       Amid the mastodonic wassail
                       I caught the eye of one small fossil
                       Cheer up, sad world, he said, 
                       and winked -
                       It's kind of fun to be extinct!

                       Ogden Nash.