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Re: == No Subject ==

On Thu, 9 Jun 1994, Dave Milne wrote:

> In the interesting discussions on fighting Tyrannosaurus Reges
> nobody has mentioned tails. Did dinosaurs not use them for fighting ?
> Not knowing anything really, I  assumed that a heavy tail would have 
> been a reasonable weapon.
> Dave.
T.rex was most definitely a fighter.  It is believed that when fighting
amongst its own kind it used mostly bluff and head butting tactics and 
use of its small arms for grappling and powerful legs and feet for
delivering nasty blows.  (note: the claws on its 2 fingered hand were
quite sharp, however the toe claws were blunt)  As for the tail, I
understand that the tail was somewhat stiff and held out to improve balance
in movement and in attacking.  The tail was not used as a weapon.  The
mouth and all those nasty teeth was the real business end of T.rex.  In
mating the mouth is used to bite down on the back of the neck to hold the
female, the bite was not lethal but may have drawn blood on occassion. 
Interspecies combat may turn deadly amongst the T.rexes as some T.rex
fossil remains show (ex. "Sue").  Triceratops remains commonly show wounds
from horn gouging.
John Schneiderman