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Re: Report from Dino Fest, Part 3

From: "Douglas E. Goudie" <ac941@leo.nmc.edu>
 > Thursday, March 24, 1994
 > 8:55 a.m.
 > "What the Fossil Record of Dinosaurs Tells Us"
 > By Peter Dodson (University of Pennsylvania)
 > ...
 > The Dinosaur Society was mentioned as a body of experts who
 > review dinosaur books for scientific content.
 > The fossil record is limited. Presently:
 >      o There are just over 2000 dinosaur skeletons (not just
 >        isolated teeth or bones.)
 >      o There are less than 300 known genera.

Not according to my list - I have 410+ genera listed.
Now, it is true that many of these are "unidentifiable"
in the sense of being too fragmentary to recognise again.
So, perhaps if one excluded these the count would drop below

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