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Re: Jurassic Park

>>Wasn't there a scene when the herd of dinosaurs *were* being chased by a T.
>>rex? If  I remember correctly, the T. rex caught one and devoured it.
>This scene was in the book but not in the movie.

Strange.  Did I _imagine_ that scene of computer-generated gallimimus
dinosaurs thundering along behind a hill as the archeologist remarked
about their flocking behavior?  Surely not - not on all those commercials,
nor on the "Making of..." specials.  Nor could I have imagined the digger
and the two kids running for cover as the gallimimus herd parted, with
individuals running left and right, both in front of the people and behind
them, nor of the threesome finally taking cover behind a dead tree trunk,
where they turned with the camera to see the herd running away from them
just as one trailing gallimimus was jumped by a splendid computer-animated
'rex that unmistakably nailed himself a gallimimus lunch right in full view
of the audience.  I'm quite sure it wasn't my imagination, I saw the movie
twice.  Lousy story, great visuals.  I think you missed that call, Professor.

Larry Smith