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Re: Jurassic Park

On Thu, 16 Jun 1994 larrys@zk3.dec.com wrote:

> >>Wasn't there a scene when the herd of dinosaurs *were* being chased by a T.
> >>rex? If  I remember correctly, the T. rex caught one and devoured it.
> >
> >This scene was in the book but not in the movie.
> Strange.  Did I _imagine_ that scene of computer-generated gallimimus
> dinosaurs thundering along behind a hill as the archeologist remarked
> about their flocking behavior?  Surely not - not on all those commercials,

{stuff deleted - we got the point, professor!}
> Larry Smith
> larrys@alpha.zk3.dec.com

Actually, Scott Horton "got the munchies" just before that scene and was at
the concession stand.

..Dave Jones

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