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Re: out to munch

>>>Wasn't there a scene when the herd of dinosaurs *were* being chased by a T.
>>>rex? If  I remember correctly, the T. rex caught one and devoured it.

>>This scene was in the book but not in the movie.

I was referring to the scene of the T.rex chasing a herd of DUCKBILLS (and
killing one), which was NOT in the movie (unless I was at the concession stand

>Strange.  Did I _imagine_ that scene of computer-generated gallimimus
>dinosaurs thundering along behind a hill as the archeologist remarked
>about their flocking behavior?  Surely not - not on all those commercials,
>nor on the "Making of..." specials.  Nor could I have imagined the digger
>and the two kids running for cover as the gallimimus herd parted, with
>individuals running left and right, both in front of the people and behind
>them, nor of the threesome finally taking cover behind a dead tree trunk,
>where they turned with the camera to see the herd running away from them

I remember this part, the "digger" was Dr. Grant.

>just as one trailing gallimimus was jumped by a splendid computer-animated
>'rex that unmistakably nailed himself a gallimimus lunch right in full view
>of the audience.  I'm quite sure it wasn't my imagination, I saw the movie

I don't remember this part, but I only saw the movie once and that was a couple
of years ago. Brain cells start dying at the rate of (I don't remember the
exact number) millions per second after the age of sixteen, which should leave
me about 6 left!

>  Lousy story, great visuals. 

I disagree strongly. Great story (read the book! The movie was too abbreviated).
My complaint is that some of the dinosaur behavior portrayed is questionable.

> I think you missed that call, Professor.
>Larry Smith

I am not (and resent being called) a professor. I do real work for a living
(with apologies to all the real professors out there).    :)

>The Raptor's level of intelligence was often referred to during the film as
>being exceptional (primate level?). But what evidence exists, what evidence
>can exist, that raptors or any dinosaur had 'intelligence ' as portrayed in
>the film, i.e. problem solving capabilities (door handle sequence) and the
>holding pen reference (testing the weaknesses of the holding pen)? This was
>referred to by the game warden, the actors name escapes me for the moment.

>If this level had been achieved might there not be case for supposing the
>use of primitive tools and tool making by some species? Pure speculation on
>my part but interesting.
>Garry Platt

What I have read about braincase studies suggests that some maniraptorans had
brain/body ratios similar to modern birds. I've never seen a bird that impressed
me too much with its intelligence (with the possible exception of some parrots).

Scott Horton
Geophysicist/Computer Programmer