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Wing attachment for pterosaurs, legs or tail?

Howdy dino folks!!

I'm currently working on a painting of a flight of pterodons and have come
across a yet another anatomical controversy.  Did the trailing edge of the wing
membrane of these beasts attach to the legs only, the legs then the tail, or
the tail only?  I know that there is evidense  of the membranes attaching to
the legs in the long tailed pterodactylids (spelling ?), but I have not seen
any information of this sort for the large Cretaceous pterosaurs.  I understand
that there was a long tail bone which looked like a two pronged fork to which
the wing may have attached.
 Is there evidence that this bone could be moved in the vertical plane to act
like an elevator on an airplane?  If the wing attachment did not involve the
legs, were the legs thought to have been folded or trailing during flight?

My main source of pterosaur info is the "Illustrated Encyclopedia of
Pterosaurs" (or something like that).  I'm not sure who the author is but
Sibbick (spelling?, sorry, I'm doing this off memory :-}  ) did the
illustrations.  What are the thoughts on this book?  Is it a worthy
reference?  The paintings are definately inspiring!  Are there other good
references on these creatures?

I thank you in advance for any comments.