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Re: aquatic dinosaurs

From: John Erick Schneiderman <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>
 > I recently came across an article which states that during the Cenomanian
 > some large theropods (Carcharodontosaurus, Bahariasaurus, and Spinosaurus)
 > had taken on an aquatic lifestyle.  Is there any merit in this statement.
 > I have come to believe that no dinosaur had taken to the sea.

This seems unlikely to me.

It is true that the skull and teeth of some of these genera
somewhat resembles that of a crocodile, but that is hardly
sufficient evidence for an aquatic life.

I certainly doubt that Spinosaurus, with its large, sail-like,
spines on its back could have been aquatic.
 > source:
 > Edmarka rex, a new, gigantic theropod dinosaur.  Hunteria v.2 no.9 p.21

Hmm, Hunteria, that is one I have a hard to time getting access
to.  (None of the libraries here seems to carry it).

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