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Humanoid dinosaur (was re: Raptor Intelligence)

On Fri, 17 Jun 1994, th81 wrote:

> >
> >Er, I suspect that the 'roid ended up looking so very humanoid because
> >that shape made it a lot easier to put a human inside the makeup for
> >the Dinosaurs! television production.  The A&E people were not blessed
> >with a budget like the one Spielberg had for JP.
> >-dick
> The 'roid predates the Dinosaur! special by almost a decade.  However, maybe
> they had something in the works even then.
> Thomas R. HOLTZ

I recall a recent news story detailing how Dale Russell's "'ROID" mockup
was stolen from his office. IE someone "nicked the 'roid". Has it been
recovered ?

I must have seen it a dozen times on various dinosaur TV documentaries...

(which begs the question: did he have a duplicate? If it was made from a
cast it should be easy to reproduce).

..Dave Jones

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