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Re: Re: Was Godzilla a member of the T-rex family?

>As was clearly stated in the very first Godzilla movie starring
>Raymond Burr (the American version, at least), Godzilla is a
>cross between a allosaur and a stegosaurus.  They even used 
>the children's book of dinosaurs I had as a kid to illustrate
>it all.

Actually, the scene you refer to is in 1) King Kong vs Godzilla, not the
original, and 2) only in the American (English translation) version.

>Now here's one for you.  Was King Kong a highland gorilla or
>a lowland gorilla?
Greg Paul has named this species Gorilla konga.  Also, I'd guess its common
name would be a kong, or an island gorilla, or maybe a MOUNTAIN gorilla (as
in size of a, not lives in the...) :-)

Thomas R. HOLTZ
Vertebrate Paleontologist, Dept. of Geology
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