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Humanoid dinosaurs

In relation to the 'roid, noid, droid (I think all have been used so far), 
has anyone out there in cyberspace read Harry Harrison's trilogy "West of 

Not to get into a completely off-the-subject-science-fiction-discussion, but 
the premise of the book is that there wasn't a major extinction event (and I 
don't even want to say what might have caused this event, with the recent 
postings) at the K/T boundary.   A species of dinosaurs therefore went on to 
evolve into intelligent Yillane(sp?). There are illustrations throughout the 
book of these Yillane.

 As an interesting side note, these dinosaurs used only biological 
technologies (i.e. gene manipulation, selective breeding).  I guess this 
made them more environmentally aware, but also added the plot point that no 
indication of their technology would have survived to the present if they 
had indeed lived on earth.

In any case, the point I wanted to make is that the Yillane illustrations 
look very much like the 'roid pictures that I have seen (other than the 
Yillane retaining their tails).  I will need to go home and look at the 
copyright of the trilogy, but who was first with their representation, Dale 
Russell or Harry Harrison?  Next point, who had a better representation 
since Mr. Harrison declined to remove the tail in favor of an ample 

Steve Showalter