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Re: Wing attachment for pterosaurs, legs or tail?

> While I truly think the "new" dinosaurs seem more "real" and more "realistic"
> to me, I must admit to a degree of sorrow at losing the slow-moving reptilian
> behemoths of my distant youth.  I hope that there will always be room in
> coursework and museums to remember what dinosaurs "used to be", rather than
> what we now admit they probably were like.  

I agree on that too. Here in Philadelphia we have a mural that was painted
with swimming and spray legged Corythosaurs muching on water plants. It
was almost painted over in 1986 when our museum re-mounted the exibit.
Luckily someone saw the value of it as it was. It contrasts well with the
modern posture Corythosaur and the well known painting of the Deinonychus pair
hunting ( on the cover of _the Dinosauria_). 

I still can't imagine any dino freak that still doesn't love the artwork
of Knight. His paintings really capture some imagination. Of course I love
the recent artists like Bob Walters, but no one can capute the "old time"
dinos like Knight did.

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