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Re: Religion

> [request for flame-down deleted]
> Thanks for the head-whack. I re-read what I wrote and agree it was 
> a bad case of stupid flaming. It's been real muggy here lately :-)
> My apologies to Sherry. I promise to keep the tone on an even keel.

It's okay, it's finals week for me and I get alittle touchy with no sleep.
:) Sorry if my tone was less then friendly.

> Maybe he lost his cool for the same reason I did. People don't like
> being labelled "unscientific" because they advocate the impact hypothesis
> as a major contributor to the K/T extinctions. 

Well, I didn't mean to say advocates are unscientific, but I think that
the blanket acceptance and advertisment of a hypothisis  as fact just because
it's the most popular one in the community is unscientific. Sorry about the
confusion. If anything, I think the ones who do not buy the hypothisis are
thought as unscientific because we go against the norm of the community. I
guess that makes me understand why that would tick you off.

 >  > Thanks to your tactful comments, maybe we can exchange our differing
> ideas in a more polite tone. 

Thanks from me too. We all need to take that big breath before we hit
"send" sometimes.

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