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Re: Re: Raptor Intelligence

>Now, what would a troodontoid need intelligence for, if it still had a
>generalized carnivore body type?  
>Since it already was smarter than its prey or other competition, there
>wouldn't be as much selective advantage to becoming incrementally smarter,
>as to just being a more effective stalker/runner/killer, if evolution
>still had a typical dino body type as raw material to work with.  Therefore,
>in order for intelligence enhancement to be the preferred or easiest direction
>for evolution to occur, something must have precluded other attributes
>from being adapted.

An evolutionary intelligence-war might be a possibility, as carnivorous animals 
seem to work to maintain a "leading edge" in relation to their prey's 
intelligence.  The long-run effect of this is fascinating to speculate upon...

Herbivorous animals farming their meadows, armed with stone spears to augment 
their blunt claws, opposed by their predatory competitors, with guile and 
subterfuge.   Why tools for the predators?  Well, perhaps they need missile 
weapons to attack at range to counter the spears of their prey...

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