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Re; Humanoid Dinosaurs

> In relation to the 'roid, noid, droid (I think all have been used so far), 
has anyone out there in cyberspace read Harry Harrison's trilogy "West of

     Harry's trilogy is as follows: WEST OF EDEN (1984), WINTER IN EDEN
(1986), and RETURN TO EDEN (1988), and is by some measure the very best work
of his long and productive career. His Yilane (accent over the e) are
carefuly realized and extrapolated, both for internal consistency and
dramatic purpose. The appendices include glossaries and other materials
indicative of how much thought he put into his subject, and also instructive
in how a first-rate science fictional intelligence works.
     The first book is a sort of "Mowgli" or wild child story with a human
raised by dinosaurs, and it sets the stage for harry's exploration of the
world he has created and populated. This is one of the few trilogies that can
really bear the weight of three volumes, and is in many ways a lesson in how
to approach and accomplish true, rigorous science fiction of the first order.
Needless to say it was not a huge commercial success and may no longer be in
Keith Ferrell, OMNI