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Re: Parasaurolphus

> I am curious to know about the idea that parasaur0lophus (and other
 > lambeosaurs) could trumpet. I know this is an old idea, but do we have any
 > new information? How do you folks feel about the possibility of the trumpet?
I don't know what you would classify as new information, but a few
years ago somebody actually built and played a mock-up of a para-
sauroloph crest.

That hadrosaur crests were display structures is clear, but this
does not explain the hollow nature of the lambeosaurine crests.
The only reasonable explanation I have seen so far is a sounding
chamber.   (Olfaction does not explain the variations in internal
tube geometry, and seems unlikely anyway).

So, I consider the model as solid as is possible in paleontology
of behavior.

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