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re: lambeosaur crests

There is a comprehensive work on hadrosaur cranial crests and their
functions, which to my knowledge is the best to date (see also the
relevant chapter in "The Dinosauria" by Weishampel et al.)

 The reference I recommend is:
J. A. Hopson, 1975, "The evolution of cranial display structures in
hadrosaurian dinosaurs. _Paleobiology_, vol. 1, # 1, p. 21-43.>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D

  In summary, Hopson arguies for the crests as trumpets.  I agree,
espoecially since they are inherently hooked up with the air-exchange
system (as nasal bones).  To me its a basic matter of simplicity: if it
looks like a trumpet and can work like a trumpet, it is a trumpet.

David Schwimmer