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Re: fossils

Neil Clark <gxha14@udcf.gla.ac.uk> said:

Does anyone subscribe to other bulletin boards with a palaeontological
bent?  Are there any others?  I would like to find out more on
Ordovician through Cretaceous discussion groups.

I have looked and asked a bit and there does not seem to be a lot in the
area of soft rock.  This is actually one of the most active groups I
know about.  There are a couple of others, that I have found.  There is
a paleobotany list (which does not get many messages - but you can
usually get good responses from the list so it is read), and a micropal
(nicropaleotology list).  The latter does seem to be fairly active.  If
there is much interest in either of those I can post the subscribing
directions.  The geology newsgroups seen to be mainly interested in
igneous rocks (Sighhhh).

Let me (us) know if you find some other really live groups.

James F. Mahaffy                   e-mail: mahaffy@dordt.edu
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Dordt College                      FAX 712 722-1198
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