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Dinos of Jurassic Park Exhibit

I thought I would leave my lurker status long enough to recommend
the traveling exhibit, "Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park," currently
at the Science Museum of Minnesota (18 June - 18 September) in
St Paul.  The exhibit includes many props and other oddments used
in the movie (or to make it), like the full-size skeleton models
in the entry of the visitor's center, the smashed jeep with the
T-Rex tail on top of it, mock-ups of Velociraptors and Dilophosaurs,
Barbasol cans with dino embryos in them, the mural for the dining
room, etc.  There are clips from the movie on monitors next to
sets featuring the sick Triceratops (full-size), Brachiosaur head
and neck, and the like, along with signage comparing the movie
dinosaurs with the fossil evidence.  Well done, I thought.  There
is also a film in which Jack Horner and others comment on the movie.
Lots of fossil casts and several real fossils, some from the
Science Museum of Minnesota's collection.  Elsewhere in the museum
are their mounts of four Jurassic dinosaurs from their own excavations.
Wonderful museum, if you haven't been there.

I don't know where the exhibit goes next.

Larry Lynch
Univ of Wis-Eau Claire (Special Collections)