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Extinction (was: Religion)

pjanke wrote:

>I agree that the data is in need of reinforcing studies, but this
>lineup of the big 6 with known huge craters at 4 of them is a good
>start. As a matter of fact, the only other known terrestrial crater
>in the 100km club is Lake Acraman in Australia(150 km, 595mya +-32),
>but the data to correlate that to a precambrian extinction is to thin
>even for me, although I wouldn't be surprised ;-) Sorry to repost this,
>but this is for the newcomers to the discussion:

The 150 km size for Acraman is tentative at best  - being a faint, possible
ring-like, outer structure.
The impact is not associated with any extinction event. There are no major
turnover of acritarcs during the period in question.