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K/T boundary section in TX

Following up a point in debate with John Alroy:

The paper by Schiebout (1987) stating that no conformable K/T section exists in
m. is a bit dated.Tom Lehman >[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D
 Thomas Lehman (1990), _GEOLOGY_, v. 18,
p. 362-364, shows nicely that areas in Big Bend park contain conformable
sections with superjacent Lancian and Puercan faunas.  Lehman also argues that
the paleosols he studied suggest long-term climate change coinciding with
the boundary, contradicting a catastrophic event horizon.

Anyway, for what its worth, there are terrestrial K/T sections in the USA
besides Montana and S. Dakota. And, I assume y'all know that there are
>[D conformable nearshore marine K/T sections in New Jersey (Gallagher's
papers on this in Bull. NJ Acad. Sci. 1992, 37(1), 19-24 and
 Mosasaur, 5: 75-154),   and in Braggs, Alabama (Bryan and Jones, Paleo.
Paleo,Paleo. 69: 279-301, and Geology, v. 15 (1987), 311-313.>[D>[C)

David Schwimmer