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Re: Extinction (was:Religion)

I have been following this discussion with interest, as I am
currently working on a PhD involving Deccan Trap volcanism and the
Reunion hotspot trail.  There does seem to be a lot of evidence now
to implicate the Deccan event in some sort of K-T extinction, and as
Stan Freisen says, the effect of an impact may have pushed a second
league event into a grade one extinction event.
Recently, a number of workers have been looking at the correlation
between volcanic flood basalt events and extinctions.   Dick Stothers
(Geophysical Reserarch Letters, Vol.20 No.13, p.1399 - Flood Basalts
and Extinction Events) has looked at all of the major flood basalt
events, and finds that with only two exeptions (Pliocene and mid-
Miocene) there is a correlation between extinction event and flood
basalt event.  If anybody wants the data used in this paper and
cannot get acess to it, I will post it out.  I will also post a list
of recent work on dating flood basalt events, and their possible
correlation with extinctions (eg Siberia, South Africa, etc).
Finally, I found a very recent article on the geology of the
Chicxulub crater:- Pope, K. et al, 1993.  "Surficial Geology of the
Chicxulub Impact Crater, Yucatan, Mexico."  Earth, Moon and Planets,
Vol. 63, No.2, p.93-104.

Hope this finds you all in good health

Glen Heward