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Pack behavior

Here is another item for debate:

It seems to me that's its assumed that deinonychus and it's counterparts
are pack hunters. As far as I can tell, this is based on fossils found in
vicinity of each other. 


1) What is a vicinity, and how many animals are we talking about here? How
many sites? Any possible other explanations, like maybe juvenile pack
behavior? (Yes I'm being lazy not looking this up myself :) References
would be nice, however)

2) I've also heard that another explanation for pack behavior is that
these animals are too small to take down large herbivores. This is
something I doubt, considering small prey animals such as juvenile
Tetonosaurs (sorry my dino spellings are atrocious) have been found in
conjunction with Deinonychus. Also, look at the set of tools these critters
have! I don't think they would have necessarily needed help.

So is this an attempt to "mammalize" dinosaurs? Comments anyone...

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