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A couple of questions

I do volunteer work at OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).  We
currenlty have an exhibit revolving around Dr. Horner's work in Montana.  The
exhibit includes various robotic dinosaurs and fossils found in the area.  It
is  interesting to see if you are in the neighborhood.  

Anyway, I'm supposed to be able to answer any variety of questions posed by
kids from 3 to 300.  I got stuck on a couple.

1)  When a bone fossilizes, is there any organic material left?  What minerals
replace what?

2)  What is the difference between a velociraptor and a deinonychus (sp?)?  It
has been mentioned on this group that the 'velociraptors' in J.P. were really
deininychi (-chusses?).  Why?