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Re: A couple of questions

 > I'm certainly no expert here, but I think the main difference between a 
 > velociraptor and a deinonychus (sp?) is that a velociraptor is smaller.

Well, that is the main *obvious* difference.
There are also detailed differences in bone anatomy that
make them effectively distinct apart from size.

 > I have a question too: I have heard many different things said about what
 > Compsognathuses ate. I've read that they ate small animals and not anything
 > else, and I've also read that they ate eggs from other dinosaurs nests.
 > What is true?
What is true is that we do not really know.

At least not for this genus.

To get at this, ask yourself what kind of evidence would tell
you about its diet?

Well, its teeth are a start - they are sharp, so it ate "meat",
but that is a very general conclusion.

Its small size rules out eating *large* animals.

To go beyond this you need unusual burial circumstances, and
even there there is room for interpretation.  For instance,
some dinosaur skeletons have been found with smaller skeletons
in the area of the belly.  Is this the remains of the last meal?
Another animal that got mixed up with the first after death?
Or even unborn children (as unlikely as that may seem)?

Another dinosaur, Oviraptor (which means egg stealer), was found
in the nest of a different dinosaur.  The discoverer decided this
meant it had been killed while eating eggs from the nest.  This
is certainly possible, but far from certain.

This is really about all we know.

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