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Re: A couple of questions

Alex Hertzog wrote:

>I have a question too: I have heard many different things said about what
>Compsognathuses ate. I've read that they ate small animals and not anything
>else, and I've also read that they ate eggs from other dinosaurs' nests. What
>is true?

_Compsognathus_ ("elegant jaw") was described by Andreas Wagner in 1861
from a specimen found in the Solnhofen Limestone. In 1881 Othniel Marsh
noticed something in the stomach of the type specimen and thought it might
be an embryo. However, Franz Nopcsa in 1903 rejected this notion on the
basis that the object was too big and thought it might be a lizard,
representing that last meal of _Compsognathus_. In 1978, John Ostrom
identified the lizard as _Bavarisaurus_, so it is probable that Compi
enjoyed the odd Baveri now and again.

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