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Re: tail clubs

From: Scott <HORTON@bcrssu.agr.ca>
 > >Are there any other occurence of tail clubs in dinosaurs other than
 > >ankylosaurs and the sauropods; Shunosaurus and (maybe Omeisaurus).
 > >---John Schneiderman < dino@cwis.unomaha.edu >
 > I wasn't aware of any sauropods with tail clubs. Please let me in on this

It is a fairly new (last 5 years) discovery.

A couple of the early to mid Jurassic Cetiosaurids from China have
been found to have tail clubs.  In fact, the tail club of Shunosaurus
was, I believe, first identified as an ankylosaur.  This feature
seems to be quite restricted, and is definately *not* found in any
of the better-known sauropods from the US.

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