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Re: sauropod spines

On Tue, 28 Jun 1994, Scott wrote:

>   By the way, can someone explain to me why the family that birds evolved from
> is named for a lizard-like hip while the family that birds did not evolve from
> is named for a bird-like hip? Convergent evolution again?
> Scott Horton
> Geophysicist/Computer Programmer

When the position of birds and dinosaurs were first being discussed, the known
fossils showed that the ornithischian dinosaurs had a similar design in hip
like birds.  It wasn't until the discovery of the hip structure in
dromaeosaurs that scientists began to see an evolutionary modification in the
saurischian hip towards the modern bird hip.  Archaeopteryx during this
time was still hotly being debated over (feathered dinosaur vs. primitive

---John Schneiderman <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>