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RE: Early Dinosaur Cladistics

> Could someone help me with the defination of "Thyrephorans"?
> THNX....JR
Thyreophora was first coined by Nopcsa 1915 which included all
ceratopsians, stegosaurs , and ankylosaurs.  Today Thyreophora are
restricted to stegosaurs and ankylosaurs as well as some basal relatives;
Scelidosaurus and Scutellosaurus. 
Thyreophora are based to the following characteristics:
  jugal with transversely broad postorbital process
  parasagittal rows of keeled scutes on dorsal surface of body
Thyreophora are considered the most primitive of the ornithischians.

--John Schneiderman  <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>