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Re: dinosaur copulation?

From: Scott <HORTON@bcrssu.agr.ca>
 > > Does anyone have any detailed information on dinosaur copulation?
 > > I have a friend researching this for a book and she wants a detailed
 > > description on how dinosaurs mated.
 > Very cautiously.

All jokes aside - we really do no know in detail.
[Ask yourself this question - how would we find out?]
 > Or maybe not. I recall that one hadrosaur skeleton showed a healed vertebra
 > near the hip. Speculation was that it may have been broken during mating.

Of course that doesn't mean they weren't being careful :-)
 > It is hard to imagine how the larger genera, such as Brachiosaurus or Seismo-
 > saurus, could have mated without crushing the female's spine. Is it possible
 > that the eggs were laid first, and then fertilized, similar to what fish do?
This is extremely unlikely.  The male equipment in all living
amniotes is not suited to external fertilization.  Since birds
are probably descended from dinosaurs and have essentially the
male equipment as most reptiles, including crocodiles, it is
nearly certain that donosaurs had the same equipment.
[The main difference between reptile/bird males and mammalian
males is that the former have two, the latter one].

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