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Re: Archosaur Teeth - References?

>Anyone have suggested references on dinosaur (and others') teeth?  
>Especially Late Cretaceous?  I had heard there was a recent ('93 or '94) 
>work from Edmonton, but can find no leads.  Thanks.
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[I don't know if you received any personal e-mail regarding your
request. Since I didn't see anything come across the dino list, I
went ahead and did some investigating for you. Please excuse me
if this is redundant.]

Looking through various library indexes, I did not uncover
anything on archosaur teeth as recent as only a few years. But I
did locate references to some slightly older articles. The
Currie, Rigby and Sloan article (below) could very well be the
one you are thinking of....


Tooth Histology

Bolt, J. R.  & R. E. DeMar. (Criticism of Johnston.) _Nature_ 288
(5787) (1980): 194-195.

Boyce, M. S. (Criticism of Johnston.) _Nature_ 288 (5787) (1980):

Currie, Philip J., J. Keith Rigby, Jr. and Robert E. Sloan.
"Theropod Teeth from the Judith River Formation of Southern
Alberta, Canada." In _Dinosaur_Systematics:_Approaches_and_
_Perspectives_, edited by Kenneth Carpenter and Philip J. Currie,
107-125. Cambridge University Press, 1990.

Johnston, P. A. "Growth Rings in Dinosaur Teeth." _Nature_ 278
(5705) (1979): 635-639.

_____. (Reply to Meinke, Padian & Kappleman; Boyce; and Bolt &
Demar.) _Nature_ 288 (5787) (1980): 195.

Meinke, D. K.; K. Padian & J. Kappelman. (Criticism of Johnston.)
_Nature_ 288 (5787) (1980): 193-194.

Page, J. "Dinosaur Daydreams." _Science_'81_: May 1981, 88-90.

There are references for archosaur tooth replacement patterns,

And don't forget _The_Dinosauria_ by D. B. Weishampel, P. Dodson
and H. Osmolska. Teeth of many dinosaurs are discussed under each

I hope this helps.

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