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Re: Dinosaur Copulation

 From: Shapiro@aol.com (Eric Shapiro)
> Newsgroups: sci.bio.herp
> Subject: Dinosaur Copulation?
> Date: Tue, 28 Jun 1994 23:25:03 -0400
> Organization: Rock Ridge Enterprises
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> Does anyone have any detailed information on dinosaur copulation?
> I have a friend researching this for a book and she wants a detailed
> description on how dinosaurs mated.

OMNI took a look, as it were at dinosoaur sexuality in February, 1988, in an
illustrated article called "Tyrannosaurus Sex: A Love Tail" (sic) (And don't
blame me -- it wasn't my watch yet.)

The article dealt with the biomechanical speculations of Beverly Halstead,
illustrated in (fairly) graphic detail by Ron Embleton.

OMNI's done many things over the years for which we've gotten heat, but we've
rarely gotten more heat than for publishing those paintings.
Keith Ferrell,
Editor: OMNI