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Dinosaur Copulation?

Eric Shapiro wanted to know:
-> > Does anyone have any detailed information on dinosaur copulation?
-> > I have a friend researching this for a book and she wants a
-> > detailed description on how dinosaurs mated.

Will we get to see the movie?

Perhaps you need to read Japanese scientific literature. Dr.
Yoshikazu Hasegawa of Yokohama National University reported
in 1989 on the: " FUKUisaurus.  It was an iguanodontid from
the Cretaceous. How it got its name, I can only guess.

Other species that might be worth investigating are:
Seismosaurus ("He made the earth move") and Shamosaurus (She
had boney body armor and a boney tail club - not friendly -
ripe for extinction).

Or perhaps the writings of paleontologist Louis Dollo might
give clues, especially his sketches of the different dinosaur
hip girdles, including pubis.  By using computer 3D modeling
you could check out all the anatomically possible positions
then determine the relative comfort level. From behind is my
guess, except for Stegosaurus: he must have prefered "missionary".

I checked my copy of "Dinosaur Data Book" by David Lambert (1990)
under the topic of "mating" but the emphasis was on "Winning a Mate"
male combat, etc. by banging heads and clawing contests.
Heterodontosaurus males had tusks (females none) and Lambeosaurus
males had more prominent crest bone. Such bone-heads likely just
got a "bang" out of it all.  Male dromaeosaurids likely fought
with their claws.  Styracosaurus males likely clashed with
their horns.

The mating fight was for a "herd of females" therefor we
can presume polygamy.  Furthermore, since the male had to satisfy
all the females (the willing and the shy) we can assume he
did his duty by force.

Therapods and ornithopods had shorter arms than legs - therefor
it is unlikely they could do much "foreplay" hugging.
But some dinosaurs such as the Mamenchisaurus (with a 49ft neck)
certainly were well equipped to do preliminary "necking".

All dinosaurs had high ankles with a simple hinge joint and long
foot bones.  Most walked on their toes.  This is the same gait
as seen in modern horses.  Therefor why not watch the horses doing
it at the local farm?  City folks always learn from the experience.

But of course, there is always the possibility that extinction
was brought on by a shift in dinosaur society towards homosexuality.
That would explain why some dinosaurs "evolved" into birds.
First came the cross dressers.  Then the feathers.  After that, they
just "egged" each other on.

This is of course pure speculation, although my wife does sometimes
refer to me as a "dinosaur" in the bedroom.  Tyrannosaurus Rex, I
assume.   ;-)

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