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New T. rex

From: clarinews@clarinet.com (Reuters)
Subject: Rare T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton Found on Canada Prairies
Copyright: 1994 by Reuters, R
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 94 17:20:09 PDT
 REGINA, Saskatchewan (Reuter) - A rare and complete skeleton
of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the ferocious dinosaur that roamed the
Earth 65 million years ago, has been found in a small valley on
the Canadian Prairies.
 ``This is an extremely exciting discovery as initial
indications are that the entire skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex
is present,'' said Carol Carson, minister of municipal
government for the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
 ``There are only a dozen nearly-complete skeletons of this
creature in the world,'' Carson said in a statement released
 Scientists have so far unearthed several vertebrae, part of
the upper jaw, a leg and some teeth, two of which measure six
inches length.
 Based on these findings, the skeleton is believed to be that
of a mature adult dinosaur measuring up to 15 meters ( in
length, 5.6 meters in height and weighing up to 5.5 metric tons.
 Carson said the bones date back to near the end of the
Cretaceous period, or about 65 million years ago.
 The rest of the skeleton is encased in rock and located
under a hillside in the Frenchman River Valley, about 215 miles 
southwest of Regina, near the North Dakota-Saskatchewan border.
 Excavation at the site began June 17 and is expected to take
the rest of the summer to complete.