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Re: dinosaur copulation?

From: Javier Dimas <jdimas@halcyon.com>
 > Wouldn't it be safe to assume that Dinos in different enviroment adapted to
 > making to act simpler and safer?

Quite true, so much so that one can simply assume that whatever
method they used was reasonably safe.

 > As I recall both Brachiosaurus and
 > Seismosaurus spent most of their time in water.

Nope.  That *used* to be the theory - but it is thoroughly discredited
now.  Their anatomy is that of a land animal, not that of a semi-
aquatic one.  Also, the formations in which the most abundant
sauropod remains are found were deposited in a rather *arid*
environment - with very little permanent standing water.
[There *were* some lakes, but mostly they were seasonal].

 > So the water theory would
 > work here.

And this brings up my main reason to rject the aquatic mating
for the sauropods - there really was very little water deep
enough to so in at that time and place.

 > I would also not be suprised if some of the oceanic Dinos matted
 > simularly to whales. At any rate this is only a thought.
What aquatic dinos?

Oh, you mean ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and mosasaurs.

Those are *not* dinos, they are themselves.
[The mosasaurs were actually monitor lizards].

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