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Re: New T. rex - Warning...

Hi all!

Someone beat me to it... there it was on our beloved CBC news last evening.

On Thu, 30 Jun 1994 Heather_Whitehead@MTS.RPI.EDU wrote:

> From: clarinews@clarinet.com (Reuters)
> Subject: Rare T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton Found on Canada Prairies
> Copyright: 1994 by Reuters, R
> Date: Wed, 29 Jun 94 17:20:09 PDT

I wanted to caution people that Clarinet news feeds are copywritten, and
receiving sites pay a fee to be able to recieve them. Clarinet will go to
significant lengths to prosecute poeple found to be re-distributing their
material, in whatever form...

I didn't want to be a wet blanket forever though, this is exciting stuff!

I believe the report said that no finds of this magnitude have ever
been made in Saskatchewan, period. Dose anyone know who discovered it, and
get the name(s) of the Paleo types they talked to in the CBC report ? 


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