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Saskatchewan T. Rex

This may be OLD news to some of you, but today's
Globe & Mail (Toronto) paper of June 30, 1994 had a
front page article on the discovery of the Tyrannosaurus
in Saskatchewan.  There is a possibility the skull is complete.

:...one of the most significant, rare and exciting paleontological
finds in recent memory."

Discovered in July, 1991 by school principal Robert Gebhardt in
Frenchman River Valley, Saskatchewan, near Eastend.  Ron Borden,
Director of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina is overseeing the
excavation. Paleontologists John Storer and Tim Tokaryk were present
when Gerhardt found it: their "jaws dropped".

The specimen is a mature adult some 15 metres long, 6 metres tall
from Cretaceous strata.  It may prove to be one of the largest T. rex
specimens ever unearthed.

The area is now a Provincial Heritage Site. Security guards are on
watch around the clock - so don't try to sneak a piece!

Was this a BIG secret or is the Globe & Mail just slow on the news?
I guess I must have missed the reports during the Jurassic Park hype.
I was "tuned out" to dinosaurs for a while.

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