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Rare T-Rex Found in Canada

>  REGINA, Saskatchewan (Reuter) - A rare and complete skeleton
> of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the ferocious dinosaur that roamed the
> Earth 65 million years ago, has been found in a small valley on
> the Canadian Prairies.
>  ``This is an extremely exciting discovery as initial
> indications are that the entire skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex
> is present,'' said Carol Carson, minister of municipal
> government for the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
>  ``There are only a dozen nearly-complete skeletons of this
> creature in the world,'' Carson said in a statement released
> Wednesday.
>  Scientists have so far unearthed several vertebrae, part of
> the upper jaw, a leg and some teeth, two of which measure six
> inches length.
>  Based on these findings, the skeleton is believed to be that
> of a mature adult dinosaur measuring up to 15 meters ( in
> length, 5.6 meters in height and weighing up to 5.5 metric tons.
>  Carson said the bones date back to near the end of the
> Cretaceous period, or about 65 million years ago.
>  The rest of the skeleton is encased in rock and located
> under a hillside in the Frenchman River Valley, about 215 miles 
> southwest of Regina, near the North Dakota-Saskatchewan border.
>  Excavation at the site began June 17 and is expected to take
> the rest of the summer to complete.