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Re: Dinosaur Heresies

On Mar 3, 12:43, larrys@zk3.dec.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: Dinosaur Heresies
> many books and illustrations.  It was only fairly recently that the correct,
> much more elongated (and toothy) head has become better known, and it was
> to emphasize that "brontosaurus" never really existed, that the apatosaurus
> name was dusted off and used to describe what is now known to be the correct
> reconstruction.

This is not the reason the Apatosaurus name is considered correct.  See S.J.
Gould's _Bully for Brontosaurus_ for a fairly complete explanation.  But
basically, Apatosaurus has been considered the correct name due to reasons
of priority (it was named first) long before the head problem became

The name "Apatosaurus" was never "dusted off"; it's been in use since 1903,
ever since Elmer Riggs recognized that Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus actually
referred to the same animal. 

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